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4:55 a.m. - 2010-07-13
Applebees Goes The Extra Mile
A personal favorite of mine is that the sampler. I was not impressed. I can do that again for sure. There were a selection of folks there on every visit. As far as portion size goes, I made use of to be pleased. A favorite lunch for 2 or three people is to order the Sampler Platter to share and side salads all across. They brought my food right out to me and it had been all wrapped in nice plastic containers that you probably might even use again if you wanted to. You comeback to your table and are currently ready to order your drink from the big selection of decisions from, mixed drinks, smoothies, milkshakes, and fountain drinks. My take two was &11.ninety nine and the fajitas are for example $8.ninety nine It wasn't too loud either. They additionally have that call it in and they bring it to your automotive which I used once and liked since I'm the mother of two tiny children. You notice they are a bit pricey however make up for the massive amount or free refills. I prefer to induce dessert therefore I ate [*fr1] and took the other half home. As you observe the fairly priced, giant menu choice, your waiter or waitress asks you if you'd prefer to order any appetizers. Couples, families, acquaintances, you name it. As you excuse yourself to the restroom, mostly to seem at the remainder of the autographs, jerseys, footage, and other memorable, you now notice how nice this restaurants is with its clean isles, clean table, and noticeable clean restrooms. When taken to your wide spacious booth, nice for families of four, or your average table, nice for a couple or the larger gatherings. Applebees - A Great Family Dining Experience
More Praise For Applebees
The Santa Fe Chicken Salad is super. This is often some pretty smart food. I conjointly tried fajitas and they were great. All in all a sensible place to eat.

I advocate there chocolate lava cake. I got the pick 2 and had it with the steak all three times. With concerning three,000 chain world wide restaurants Applebee's has become one in every of our native restaurants. The food stayed pretty heat until we have a tendency to became home. The top vote getters were the oriental chicken salad and therefore the fajitas. We tend to here on the west aspect of South Bend are happy to have Applebees in our Neighborhood.

Applebee's is terribly laid back, and family friendly. Currently in fact I can not say the place is awesome with simply consuming the steak and shrimp therefore lucky on behalf of me I went with different people and that they agreed with me. You are greeted by a friendly hostess with ninety % of the time taken to the table of your choice, with the occasional thirty minute wait on most weekends or holiday. Well I have now been to Applebee's a handful of times thus I feel I am ready to write a review on them. The riblet basket may be a nice remove item once we are ordering from work. I did not have it with the mashed potatoes though, I chose the fries. I assumed I've got to strive this again some a lot of times. That I feel clean restrooms are a big cater to a restaurants overlook. Also all age groups too. I like the Chicken and Steak Fajitas, sigh over the salmon, and drool over that steak that I had the other night. On the last three visits I discovered the best buttermilk shrimp I've got ever had. My meal was a 6oz. The prices seemed fair also. All 3 times, I felt the same way. The food appeared higher and therefore the service appeared better. I've got eaten at many chain restaurants and it looks I continuously go back to Applebee's, it one amongst my favorite places to eat. The food they'd was excellent. I would say more of a grill than bar sort place. The first time I went was in all probability five years ago. I didn't go again for in all probability four more years. Thus I did. You're virtually immediately greeted by your friendly energetic waiter or waitress who is prepared to require your drink order. Is Applebees a Good Value?

Favorite menu items include simply regarding everything that I have tried. Last month I had the fettuccine and was not disappointed. You get thus fixed in the awesome sports memorabilia neighboring you, you ask for more time. When you pull in the parking ton there's tons of wide plentiful parking. I don't grasp if they had modified or what however I utilized to be a lot of impressed. The moment you walk in the door you get the heat feeling of a family possessed restaurant with a massive franchise name. sirloin I think with 15 tight sized shrimp plus fries and texas toast. I think you get enough stuff for four fajitas and it additionally comes with rice. The Crispy Orange Chicken is astonishing. It is a giant platter with samples of almost all the appetizers on the menu place together.



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